Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Promise Society?

The Promise Society (TPS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing important health, education and social issues in the community. We promote health, education, and improved quality of life for the underserved through fundraising and outreach. Throughout the year, The Promise Society works with a range of community partners on tailored solutions to meet their needs and fulfill our mission.

Who are the board members of The Promise Society?

Our founding board is comprised of young professionals with backgrounds in health, finance, marketing, technology and law committed to supporting the community and other nonprofit organizations through fundraising, outreach, and volunteerism.


How does The Promise Society raise funds for their charitable giving?

The Promise Society primarily receives support from individual donors, sponsors and businesses who entrust their donation to our charitable efforts. With their contribution, we are able to partner with about 10 organizations a year. The major source of our charitable giving comes from our fundraiser events, where net proceeds are donated to selected organizations.

Since our launch in 2013, The Promise Society has donated over $65,000 towards charities such as the American Cancer Society, International Rescue Committee, Second Chance Rescue and the Careers in Culinary Arts Program. Donations range from $500 to $12,000 depending on the event and charity.

How does The Promise Society serve the community beyond fundraising?

The Promise Society is also committed to engaging in community building efforts through collaboration and innovation. We commit several events a year to volunteer work such as fitness events, health screenings, community cleanup efforts, volunteer fairs and a holiday toy drive. Additionally, we actively utilize social media efforts to help raise the profile of our selected charities and increase awareness of their causes.

How does The Promise Society select charities? Do you work with other organizations?

The Promise Society’s elected board members meet to vote on specific charities and causes. We conduct research to ensure that the raised funds can be effectively used for programs, services or outreach. We may also partner with other organizations on their events to broaden our reach or support their causes through co-promotion. Charity partners can be local, national or international in scope, or established or newly established, as long as their work aligns with our mission


Where do you host your events?

Events are held at various venues, including parks, galleries, community centers, event spaces, retail stores, restaurants, bars, and lounges. Venues are selected with care to appeal to our attendees and meet the needs of selected charities.

What type of events have you hosted?

Our marquee events include our Date Auction, Poker Tournament, Summer Boat Party and Tasting Event. Smaller events include a book signing, yoga event, Hepatitis B screening, charity dinners, toy drive and many happy hour fundraisers. We are expanding the theme of our events to better suit our growing network.


Who are the primary sponsors of The Promise Society?

The Promise Society is supported by contributions from individual sponsors and businesses. Business sponsors may vary depending on our partner or the nature of the event and include lifestyle and luxury products, professional services, food and beverage companies, restaurants, sports teams and entertainment venues.

What are the demographics of The Promise Society’s event attendees?

Our target demographic is discerning, upwardly mobile, young professionals (21-40 years old) with a desire to participate in philanthropic efforts. This demographic has been shown to have high rates of participation in online and organized social networks, with above average expenditures in all categories, particularly travel, food and entertainment. Sponsors have a unique opportunity to increase their exposure in this key demographic, as well as lend your support for worthy causes.


How do I volunteer with The Promise Society?

If you are looking to partner or volunteer with The Promise Society, please contact us at

How do I participate in the events?

Most of our events are open to the general public. You may find our upcoming events on our Facebook page at and on our events page.

How do I donate to The Promise Society?

Since our efforts depend entirely on volunteer contribution, we sincerely appreciate your generous donation. You can donate at: